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What Matters?


What Matters?

A cognitive psychologist and an industrial design engineer draw from their experiences trying to make technology work for people to reflect on the foundations of Cognitive Science and Product Design. This work is motivated by the sense that there is a large gap between the type of experiences studied in laboratories and the everyday experiences of people working with technology. This has led the authors to question the metaphysical foundations of cognitive science and to suggest alternative directions that might provide better insights for design. An important inspiration for this alternative direction is Pirsig’s  Metaphysics of Quality described in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and Lila. The goal is to move beyond ‘information processing’ and the computer metaphor, toward ‘meaning creation’ as inspired by recent discoveries in dynamics and self-organizing systems. This book takes the reader on a journey beyond the conventional dichotomy of mind and matter to explore a world of ‘what matters’ in hopes of inspiring the design of human-technology systems that work beautifully.


Now Published

The self-published version of the book is no longer available. We are happy to announce that our "What Matters?" book has been published by Routledge Psychology under a new title: A Meaning Processing Approach to Cognition: What Matters. The new version is now available:





Author Page on Amazon

Praise for A Meaning Processing Approach to Cognition:What Matters?

Gavan Lintern is the first to publish a review of our book What Matters? for publication. Gavan’s review will be published in Frontiers in Psychology. Here is a link to the review:




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